Black Hills Square & Round Dance Association

Black Hills Square & Round Dance Association

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Area Hoedowns & Festivals

April 12-13 Spring Fling, Gillette, WY
Calling: Mike Hogan
Cuers: Lurita Fugier, Hermosa SD
April 26-27 Oil City Squarama, Casper WY
Calling: Bill Henke, Rapid City SD
May 17-18 Cowtown Hoedown, Sheridan WY
Calling: Hunter Keller
Cueing: Larry & Susan Sperry
July 26-27 Black Hills Festival, Rapid City SD
Calling: Jeff Psalmer, Colorado Springs CO
Cuers: Michell Thompson, Golden COr
Oct 12-13 Wildwest Weekend, Rapid City, SD
Caller: Bill Henke, Hunter Keller
Cuer: Larry & Susan Sperry

BH Square & Round Dance Assoc. Objectives
A) promote square, folk and round dancing;
B) schedule the fifth Saturday night and New Year's Eve dances;
C) assist member clubs in the promotion of square dancing when requested;
D) provide guidance and/or assistance when requested by member clubs in
the planning of promotions, parades, special events or any other square
and/or round dance activity;
E) assist member clubs with the recruitment of new dancers into the activity; and
F) promote unity, harmony and continuity among member clubs.


Gary Richards
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